Koolehaoda Kq-999 Lightweight Travel Tripod Camera Tripod

Koolehaoda Kq-999 Lightweight Travel Tripod Camera Tripod

$ 89.88

  • We are offering you this Professional Travel Tripod. It is characterized by solid, dependable construction and high endurance. This tripod with ball head perfect for DSLRs and digital cameras, it is the best choices for outdoor photograph activities. Not only its harder than the common one, but also its flexible handling, that makes your trip more enjoyable.
  • Magnesium alloy legs and magnesium alloy composition trigeminal
  • Two used mode:tripod mode and monopod mode.

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1 precision 360-degree panorama ball head .36MM large diameter sphere.

2, magnesium alloy trigeminal. Outdialing type angle adjustment buckle.

3, rubber locking knob. Wear non-slip. Rotated 1/4 circle can be completely locked.

4, the central axis inverted design can be a good
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lightweight tripod

$ 89.88


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