Slik SBH-60 Small Compact Ball Head (Holds 1.25 lb)

Slik SBH-60 Small Compact Ball Head (Holds 1.25 lb)

  • Max. load Capacity: 1.25 lbs
  • Head height: 1.9 in. / 48mm
  • Quick Release:
  • Spirit Level: No
  • Female Thread size (Connect to Tripod): 1/4″-20

Economical compact SLIK ball heads, the SBH-60, SBH-100 and SBH-120…. All three ball heads are very similar in design but differ in size and load capacity. All three heads have an easy to operate one lever release that allows the ball head to move and then locks it into place when the camera is at the desired position. Differing themselves from many inexpensive ball heads on the market, the base of these heads can rotate in addition to the ball movement. This makes horizontal movement of the c
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